If you’re in the stock market you have probably noticed your portfolio increase in value over the last year or so. But the word ‘if’ is key.

Household wealth rose by about ten trillion dollars last year. The gains mostly came from stocks (some came from rising home values), but financial planner Richard Rosso says many of you didn't see those gains.

“Not everybody owns stocks anymore,” Rosso explained.

And the numbers of who owns what might surprise you.

“The wealthiest 10% of Americans own 80% of the stocks. Mom and Pop are slowly getting back in, but for the most part they haven’t participated in this gain in the stock market since March of ’09,” Rosso said.

And this bull market we're in right now has been going on for just about five years. Can it keep going? Rosso isn't all that sure.

“The bull market is long in the tooth. Some pundits say it’s a new bull market, but I find that very difficult to believe,” Rosso stated.

So how long will it last?

“We are in the latter stage of a bull cycle. But you could see this last for another year. Maybe even another two years,” Rosso said.

This is only the sixth bull market to get to its fifth birthday since the end of World War II. Only three of them lived to see their sixth birthday.