The Texas House gave its approval to an abortion bill that would give Texas some of the country’s strictest abortion laws. But the bill still has a couple of hurdles to pass before it becomes law.

There are a couple of more votes to go and a possible court challenge before HB 1 becomes law. But the bill was overwhelmingly approved 98-49. The approval came after hours of emotional debate.

“Nor do I believe they would want their constituents to resort to a knitting needle or coat hanger in back alleys where there are illegal abortions performed,” Representative Senfronia Thompson argue on the House floor.

The debate got heated at times, with one opponent snapping back at Thompson that, “I want my constituents to have the best chance for life.”

Many ordinary people turned out to testify in front of lawmakers, and you weren't afraid to let them know how you felt.

“Thank you for finally working against us women so publically and not in the shadows. Thank you for every hateful statement degrading women,” Sarah Slamen told Lawmakers. “I get to move to New York next month, so I don’t have to live in fear of Texas legislators anymore.”

The House could give its second vote on the bill today, and after that it's on to the Senate.

VIDEO: TX. Rep. Thompson: “I Don’t Want That Choice To Be A Knitting Needle, Or A Hanger, Or Turpentine.”