Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson travels to Arizona Tuesday, a day after being hammered on Capitol Hill about the ongoing crush of immigrant children and families from Central America.


Congressman Michael McCaul scolded the administration, saying children are being sent on dangerous journeys based on the "false promise of amnesty."


“Today on the southwest border we are facing an escalating refugee crisis,” said the Texas Republican.  “Parents are handing over their young children by the thousands to cartels who are profiting by smuggling these kids to the United States.”


“The Department of Homeland Security and United States government as a whole has been slow to act, turning a blind eye to the warning signs,” McCaul said.


McCaul urged the president to dispatch National Guard troops to the southern border with an estimated 150,000 unaccompanied children expected to cross our border next year. 


However, Johnson says that's not the plan right now.


“DHS is building additional detention capability for adults who cross the border illegally in the Rio Grande Valley with their children,” Johnson told the committee.


Johnson says today's trip is focused on what Border Patrol agents are dealing with as they process record numbers of child immigrants.