Thousands upon thousands of people are flocking to a town in Spain after two historians publish a book, claiming a gold cup on display is the Holy Grail.

The bejeweled cup on display at San Isidro Basilica in Leon, Spain has been drawing record crowds of people trying to get a view of the cup.  So many people have been going that curators have had to removed the cup to try and find a bigger viewing space for it.

This latest claim traces the cup known as the goblet of the Infanta Dona Urraca, through history back to the time of Jesus.  Carbon dating on the cup dates the cup back to the time of Jesus Christ.

Dave Welsh with the Houston Area Pastors Council says there is a danger is blindly believing in the cup, "The truth of the matter is most of these (items) are based more in myth than in history."  But, he says that objects like this and other holy places can bring people closer to their faith by offering a real-world, tangible connection.

Whether the Holy Grail still exists and whether this cup is it, Welch says this is the time of the year when people focus on the story of Jesus, "This time of year of course is where we are focusing on the wonder and the power of that time, of the holy days leading up to Easter."