Get ready for a flood of religious movies coming out of Hollywood this year and next.  First up is Son of God which hits theaters later this month.  Then the film Noah is set for release at the end of March.

Exodus tells the story of Moses, and Mary, Mother of Christ will follow.

Does this mean religion is finally breaking into the mainstream?

As with anything Hollywood, its all about the almighty dollar.  Media critic Jeff McCall at DePauw University believes the major studios are looking to expand their audience.

“I think there's a sense here that the family-values audiences have been left unfulfilled by the movies in recent years,” McCall tells KTRH News.

"A lot of the people who want to go watch movies with their families, or people who are churchgoing folks, are not going to go watch movies saturated with violence or skin, or zombies,” he says.  “So this is an attempt to reach that demographic and find something that will get them into the theaters.”

But will this new crop of biblical films succeed?  McCall says history has shown audiences will respond.

The Passion did, and of course back in the day movies like Ben-Hur and The Ten Commandments made a lot of money,” he says.  “And one thing that we're seeing here frankly is the recycling of themes that were successful in the past.”

The Passion of the Christ earned $600 million at the box office in 2004.  Ben-Hur raked in nearly $147 million in 1959 and The Ten Commandments topped $122 million in 1956.