There’s been yet another attack on conservatives by liberals in Hollywood. But this time, Hollywood might have picked on the wrong Texas Congressman.

HBO's Bill Maher is doing a bit on his show where he's trying to get Republican Congressmen voted out of office. It's called 'Flip a District,' and one of his targets is Texas' Blake Farenthold.

“We need a realistic chance. If ‘Pajama Boy’ is going to be our guy, you folks down there have to get his lead down to single digits. I am not a miracle worker,” Maher cracked.

The Congressman's reaction? Well let's just say he's not thrilled.

“I don’t watch Bill Maher. I can’t afford to replace my television because I’d throw something at it,” Farenthold told KTRH. “This is a guy who mocked World War II veterans when they wanted to visit the memorial built in their honor.”
Farenthold telling KTRH if Maher wants this fight, well, it's on.

“I’m glad he’s against me. His politics are about as far from mine as you can get,” Farenthold said about the comedian.

But he wouldn’t rule out having a cordial conversation with the wise-cracking HBO host.

“I first and foremost talk to my constituents. But if someone from a television show like that wants to talk to me I’ll be happy to talk to them,” Farenthold explained.
That said, the Congressman is disappointed that Maher didn’t do enough research about him.

“It would have been nice if he had tried to get to know me rather than rely on the talking points he got,” Farenthold said.

Farenthold says the publicity isn't all bad; that he's already gotten some fundraising thanks to Maher's attack on him.