If you’re planning to fly to your Christmas destinations today, you might notice less of a crowd at the airport, but Darian Ward at the Houston Airport System says even though it's Christmas Eve you'll have plenty of company at Hobby and Bush.

“We are seeing elevated numbers than what we usually see at this time of year,” Ward said.

Ward tells KTRH it’s been a good Christmas season at the area airports.

“We’re looking at a ten percent increase. People want to see their friends and family,” Ward explained.

While weather hasn’t necessarily been an issue delaying people flying out of Houston, Ward says there have been other things causing delays.

“The challenge has been checking in,” Ward stated.

But there are ways around those long lines.

“You can check in online, curbside, use a kiosk or in the airport lobby,” Ward said.

But doing that doesn’t get you around the security lines, which can be long. But Ward says there are ways around that, too.

“We have expedited services like the TSA Precheck. If you want to get through the airport quickly you might want to think about using some of those expedited services,” Ward explained.

But those programs aren’t free. You’ll have to pay an $85 application fee.