A two-cent property tax hike is on the table when Houston ISD's school board meets Monday evening to vote on a $1.62 billion budget.

Teachers' union president Gayle Fallon says she'll only support the tax hike if it goes to teacher salaries.  She says the district lost 600 teachers this year due mainly to low pay.

“Stop and think how hypocritical this board is being, they sit there mouthing off about having an excellent teacher in every classroom,” Fallon tells KTRH News.  “If I want to drive a Ferrari, I'm going to have to pay for it.”

“If the board was a worried about the kids, teachers and quality of schools as they say they are, they would've voted for a salary increase and told management to go back and figure it out,” she says.

Fallon says many HISD teachers cannot afford to live in Houston, so they don't stay more than a year or two.

“What you've got is a workforce that is ultimately fairly suburban,” she says. “We're asking them to commute further, spend the money and stress coming into HISD to a rougher teaching situation to make less money.”

School Board President Anna Eastman said last week she was unsure whether she'll vote for the tax hike or not.

The district's proposed budget also includes $20 million for longer days and tutoring at struggling schools, and another $5 million for campus needs.