It’s that time of year again. Time for High School Football. Practices for many Texas schools start today, and there are some rule changes to help keep kids safe, and some controversy over new equipment, too.

Let’s start with the big rule change. Teams aren't allowed to any more than 90 minutes of full contact practice every week. Katy High School football coach Gary Joseph told KTRH he's not sure it will reduce the risk of concussions.

“I don’t think it’ll have much impact. Most coaches don’t have 90 minutes of full contact practice in a week anyway. The biggest thing is to prepare the kids for the ball game that week,” Joseph said.

Joseph says there are other precautions being taken.

“All of the kids have to go an impact test before they are even allowed to play,” Joseph stated.

And there might be a new piece of equipment that can. Lee Hanson's company makes the Guardian Cap.

“It’s a soft sided cover that goes on the outside of the helmet that reduces impact levels,” Hanson explained.

Hanson said it won’t prevent concussions, but the Guardian Cap will help reduce the risk.

“You can’t stop or prevent a concussion. You can manage the risk,” Hanson told KTRH.

A handful of Texas schools use it during practice. But the Sweeny High football team won't anymore after a ruling from the committee on standards for athletic equipment that said the Guardian Cap was not put through required testing.