A Houston Fire Department Captain who risked his life during a deadly May fire at the Southwest Inn was honored for his sacrifice over the weekend.

Captain Bill Dowling suffered severe injuries while battling the 5 alarm fire.  Saturday Dowling was presented the Local Liberty Mutual Firemark Award in Tomball while being surrounded by family and loved ones at his Tomball home.

The prestigious award is given to a firefighter who best represents their community through their courageous acts and selfless spirit.

Dowling is now being considered for the 2013 Liberty Mutual National Firemark Award, where he will have a chance of winning $10,000 along with national recognition.

This award is presented annually to two U.S. firefighters that best represent their communities through courageous valor and who best demonstrate the fire fighter’s selfless spirit.

The award takes its name from the firemark, a leaden plate in the form of a Phoenix rising from the ashes, which American fire offices in the 18th and 19th centuries used to mark all the houses they insured.