More than a dozen Houston teachers have posted their wish-lists on a website called that allows anyone to make a donation as a contribution to help off-set the out-of-pocket expense every teacher is compelled to make at the start of the school year.

Olivia Sher is a first year Algebra teacher at Spring Woods High School and is asking for a few white boards so she can monitor her students’ progress tackling assignments. 

“This is the first time I’ve worked with and I’m a first year teacher so I’m excited to see how it goes,” Ms. Sher told KTRH News.

Corporate sponsor KIA has half-funded her target already.

Mrs. Susan Hinson teaches 3rd grade Language Arts at Sheldon Elementary School.

“I actually have two projects on right now.  One is for two Kindle Fires for the classroom, and one is for subscriptions to Time for Kids,” she told KTRH.  She is especially excited by the opportunity to get Kindle Fires.

“It would be brand new to my classroom and I’m excited to even consider the possibility.  We would be reading a lot of books with the additional audio option that especially helps the struggling readers who can be supported by having the words read to them while they’re reading along.  And the higher readers reading some books we might not normally have.  Any opportunity to use technology just ups the engagement,” Mrs. Hinson explains.

The website is the creation of former New York teacher Charles best, who launched the website in 2000 and invited colleagues to go online to list their needs.  Without anyone’s knowledge he funded several of the requests to get the ball rolling.  In their 13 year history has raised more than $190 million.