Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has halted this week's execution in Texas, what's next for convicted killer Robert Campbell?

Despite Campbell's conviction for the 1991 rape, robbery and shooting death of Houston bank teller Alexandra Rendon, his attorneys have succeeded in getting a new hearing to decide whether he is too developmentally disabled to be put to death.

“Now it will go back to the trial court for a hearing to determine if he fits the definition of what we used to call mental retardation,” says Houston attorney Chris Tritico.  “If he does, the Supreme Court has already ruled on that issue and they cannot execute him based on his disability.”

Campbell's attorneys argue he has an IQ of 69 -- one point lower than the execution threshold.

“Given that there are apparently two tests that he has a mental disability, it may just be as short as setting a hearing date, putting the evidence on and the judge making a ruling,” Tritico tells KTRH News.

However, Tritico insists Campbell will still serve a punishment.

“It doesn't mean you get to walk out the front door of the jail,” he says. “You just get a life sentence, they can't kill you for it.”