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Healthcare Summit Includes Hurricane Preparedness

Healthcare Summit Includes Hurricane Preparedness
Posted June 11th, 2014 @ 4:00am by KTRH’s Dale Forbis

It's not just about hurricanes.  The Houston Office of Emergency Management was host of a Tuesday summit to make sure health care professionals are prepared for the next hurricane. 


OEM staff analyst Melanie Manville says health care providers face unique challenges when a hurricane hits the area -- or, any other kind of disaster.


“Whether that be an unexpected event caused by terrorism, or something like that, you'll be prepared with your food, your kit,” Manville says.  “You'll know where to look for information.  You'll know to have a plan.”


Dozens of health care professionals from the region took part in workshops at the George R. Brown Convention Center.


“Anyone who has special medical equipment they might need, or they may require electricity during a time of a storm,” she explains, “when we don't have those things readily available, they need to have plans.”


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