One theoretical physicist says humans will be living on the Moon in 50 years.

Cosmologist Stephen Hawking spoke during a conference with astronauts on the International Space Station.  Hawking says history will remember this century as the age of space exploration.

Gene Cernan who is the last human to walk on the Moon says if the U.S. waits another 50-years to put people on the Moon we will be leading from the back of the pack, "God I hope it's before 50 years, it depends on you define living.  I lived on the Moon for 75 hours, it was my home."

Cernan says the Moon has all kinds of practical value now, value that is a necessary first step as we look at putting people on Mars, "Practical value that can certainly effect our way of life here on Earth.  And, it's convenient, it's close, it's not that far away.  We've done it we know we can do it."

Hawking says, "The Earth is an old world, threatened with an ever-expanding population and finite resources...  If our species is to survive the next hundred years, let alone a thousand, it is imperative we voyage out into the blackness of space to colonise new worlds across the cosmos."

American hero, space pioneer, and one of only 12 humans to ever walk on the Moon, Buzz Aldrin spoke with Matt Patrick on Houston's Morning News about the Moon and why we should be going back.  You can hear that interview below.