Texans quarterback Matt Schaub is forced to call team security as fan frustration hits too close to home.

“My main focus is to make sure my family is safe and protect my home,” Schaub told reporters Wednesday after news broke of an incident which prompted him to file trespassing reports against two individuals.

“Multiple people driving down your street taking photos of your home, and you're not sure why,” says Schaub who tried to downplay the incident days after he threw an NFL record fourth straight game with an interception returned for a touchdown.

“There's passionate fans out there, for better or for worse, I understand that and our team understands that,” he said.  “You hate for it to come to that, because we're better than that as a society and a community.”

We've seen Schaub's jersey burned and an online campaign to bench him, all fun and games until somebody gets hurt says former Texans player and Sports Talk 790 host N.D. Kalu who believes some fans need to get a grip.

“We're talking about government shutdown in real life, we're talking about innocent people dying in Syrian, and we have a quarterback who needs armed security, that's a shame,” Kalu tells KTRH News.

Kalu says there's no reason fans should violate a player's personal space.

“When you come to someone's house for a negative reason,” he said.  “You put your life at-risk because you've put his family's lives at-risk, so anything goes.”

Several sports radio listeners called in to condemn the actions of fellow fans.

“This is the behavior of sociopaths who go to somebody's house,” said one man.

Despite it all, Schaub says he and his family love their neighborhood, and have no plans to move.