Whistleblower Edward Snowden has come under fire from the highest levels of politics since sounding the alarm on the data mining scandal. Some experts think that one result of what Snowden has done could be to make you more vulnerable to a terror attack in Houston.

For one thing, Joan Neuhaus Schaan of Rice University says the bad guys we have to watch out for might already be here.

“What it does seem to change is how domestic extremists might operate,” Neuhaus Schaan told KTRH. “We speak over a hundred languages in Houston. It’s an easy place for anyone to operate in.”

Former FBI agent James Conway told KTRH Houston is a perfect target for anyone with bad intentions.

“We are the only city that has all of the infrastructure targets that are potential targets for terrorist activity,” Conway said. “We represent a significant target. We are the energy capital of the United States.”

Conway saying Snowden should have kept the NSA secrets to himself.

“There are some things that need to remain secret. That’s why issues are classified and why they are called secret,” Conway said.

Because of what Snowden has gone public with the NSA is expected to detail cases where the data mining program stopped a terrorist attack.