Is it a frivolous lawsuit or a lawsuit with merit? That’s what many of you have been asking about the action filed against a woman who called 911 for help last year.

Harris County Deputy Brady Pullen's suit against Camina Figueroa for not warning them about a dangerous situation is getting the same reaction from legal experts. Which is a shake of the head in disbelief.

“The first day this guy became a cop and was given a gun and badge he was told he assumes the risk of having to deal with bad guys,” attorney Brian Wice told KTRH’s television partner, Local 2.

“Where do they come up with this theory that she had to tell them her son-in-law was dangerous,” asked Gerald Treece of the South Texas College of Law?

Treece He doesn't think Pullen's case has a chance after Pullen shot and killed the man Figueroa called 911 about in the first place.

“It was an emergency call. It may survive dismissal, but I don’t think it’s going to survive a jury,” Treece said. “I don’t think he’ll win.”

But Treece says the case will bring up an interesting question.

“As a matter of law, is there a duty to warn of a specific danger? I think the answer is no,” Treece explained.

Will this change the way you deal with 911? Treece doesn't think so. And as for Pullen and his attorney, they aren't talking because this is an active case.