If you have kids they probably get a big kick out of the occasional Happy Meal. But one of the main selling points for the kids is the toy that comes along with the Happy Meal. And McDonalds is replacing that toy, temporarily.

Next month, instead of the toy that comes with the Happy Meal, your kid is going to get a book instead. Lone Star College professor Hank Lewis says it's just a ploy.

“It’s a PR move because of all the flak they’ve been taking for non-nutritious food,” Lewis told KTRH.

Marketing analyst Bill Fogarty tells KTRH that Lewis is right, but that McDonalds is a master at these sort of things.

“I’m a great admirer of their marketing. I think it’s a positive thing to offer books to young kids,” Fogarty said.

Lewis has young kids himself and he isn’t worried they’ll be upset over losing the toy.

“My kids have so many toys they actually give some away to charity,” Lewis explained.

McDonalds has taken some heat for the move from the watchdog group Corporate Accountability. The group says McDonalds just wants parents to forget that they are selling unhealthy food. Fogarty says it’s just someone looking for their 15 minutes of fame.

“Organizations like this pop up out of nowhere. No one asks them to exist. They take it upon themselves to approach the media to get publicity for themselves,” Fogarty said.

KTRH did reach out to McDonalds, but they didn't comment for the story. Neither did Corporate Accountability.

The promotion isn't permanent. It'll last from November 1st through the 14th, and then the toys will be back.