For three months last fall, gun sellers like Jim Pruett saw sales like they’d never seen before.  Buyers were worried President Obama and his supporters were going to take their guns away.

People are still worried, but Pruett says the initial rush has subsided at his store, Jim Pruett’s Guns and Ammo on Huffmeister.  That doesn’t mean sales are slow.

“Last October, November and December, we saw the greatest gun sales in the history of mankind,” he remembers, giving credit to the President.  “Obama remains the greatest gun sales man ever.”

Pruett thinks it will happen again, maybe every six months or so.  Obama will make some kind of public statement which makes people feel they are about to lose their rights to own a gun, and the rush will start again. 

“There were days when our store was completely empty,” Pruett says.  “Not only what we had to sell, but whatever we had in reserve – everything was gone.”

Pruett says some shortages of ammunition remain. 

Meanwhile, the Obama administration has not given up on its efforts for additional controls.