We’ve been telling you a lot of stories about gun rights lately. And now one anti-gun organization is talking about taking action against one of your favorite stores.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America wants Target to crack down on open carry. Stephanie Lundy of the Texas chapter says it’s about safety.

“We’re asking Target to put a policy in place that prohibits open carry in all of its stores across the country,” Lundy told KTRH News. “I am definitely not comfortable with being around people that I know have no requirement to go through a background check or receive any weapons training.”

The group has been taking Open Carry Texas to task for what their tactics, but Eric Reed of Gun Rights Across America says that’s just not fair.

“Two weeks ago all of the group leaders said they would no longer support anyone that takes long guns into franchises,” Reed told KTRH. “We’re advising to keep the long guns outside if they are going to be carried.

But Lundy says it's not just about Open Carry Texas.

“Open Carry Texas has done the right thing in this case. The problem is they are not the only group that’s doing this,” Lundy stated. “Open Carry Tarrant County is still engaging in this behavior. They gathered in a Target parking lot in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area last week.

The group has had success in similar efforts with Starbucks and Chipotle.