Gun owners across the nation will gather Saturday in Philadelphia for a "Save the 2nd'' Second Amendment rally. 

"We're resigning the Constitution with 40 signatures, just like the original, right where it all began, right by Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell," says Eric Reed with Gun Rights Across America.

"We're doing it on the day the Constitutional Convention convened," he says.

Reed insists our Founding Fathers got it right in 1787, and scoffs at those who believe the Second Amendment is outdated and does not apply in today's political fight over semi-automatic weapons.

"Where in the Second Amendment is the word musket mentioned?" he asks.  "Second of all, there was a weapon called the Puckle Gun, a semi-automatic invented, patented and used before the Constitution was even signed."

Among the scheduled speakers, a former Secret Service agent and former Navy SEAL turned advocates for gun rights.