A chilly arctic summer has helped grow the Arctic ice cap by 60-percent, debunking claims of global warming.

Call it a 'global cooling' if you will. 

Texas State Climatologist John Neilsen-Gammon says new data shows ocean temperature patterns may have more to to with climate change than greenhouse gas emissions.

“When the temperature was running rampantly from the 70s to about 2000, the models weren't exactly even with it,” Dr. Gammon tells KTRH News.  “If part of that was natural variability, then that means the models were actually over estimating the extent of global warming.”

Gammon says there are lots of things that have tried to destroy the Earth, and we're not going to succeed either.

“For the past several million years, we've been in what's called an ice age, where we go from large ice sheets over the northern hemisphere to clearing,” he says.  “What we've done with greenhouse gases is probably prevented another one from happening.”