A he said, she said is playing out at the Texas State Capitol where Houston Democrat John Whitmire accuses Governor Rick Perry of vetoing the wrong bill.

Whitmire's bill would have limited the number of truancy tickets handed out to students in lieu of counseling and other measures.

“In Houston we found a 14-year-old girl got a ticket because she wasn't coming to school, they went to her home and found she was pregnant and had no maternity clothes,” Whitmire tells KTRH News.

“That's not a crime, she has a problem we should deal with to assist her to attend school,” he says.

“I understand how serious truancy is, you've got to get kids to school or they're going to get behind a drop out,” says Whitmire.  “You don't write them a $500 ticket with an $80 court cost which solves nothing, often times they're already broke.”

Rich Parsons, a spokesperson at the governor's office insists there was no veto mistake.  He pointed out several conflicts of codes between Whitmire's bill and companion legislation.

“The governor's decision was made after a very thorough, thoughtful and deliberative process in determining the best process going forward,” Parsons told KTRH News.

Whitmire plans to re-introduce his measure next session.