The rhetoric in Washington is ratcheting up. Houser Republicans say they won’t fund the government if Obamacare is a part of that funding. Senate Democrats say they won’t pass a bill that doesn’t have Obamacare funding in it. It will all come to a head over the next week because of a bill isn’t passed by October first the government will be shut down.

That sounds scary, right? Sure it does. But if you take a look at what a shutdown really entails, you’ll notice that its impact on you will be very limited.

“It won’t have an impact in vital services. Air traffic controllers will still be there. Social Security will still be running,” Mark Jones of Rice University told KTRH.

So, unless you have a vacation scheduled for a national park (those would be closed under a shutdown) it will be business as usual. Bryan Preston of Pajamas Media tells KTRH the world will go on if a shutdown occurs.

“The impact on us is mainly a public relations campaign. A lot of the things that will get shut down are things that you wouldn’t notice. At least not right away,” Preston said.

But he does say what you will notice is a war of words.

“The PR will be effective. We know the President and the Democrats have the national media’s support,” Preston explained.

So who blinks first? Jones says the answer might surprise you because it’s the same people that are threatening to shut it all down.

“Republicans, because they will be worse off in a shutdown. A shutdown would deflect attention away from the President’s Syria policy and the failed nomination of Larry Summers,” Jones explained.

Preston agrees with Jones’ assessment.

“They fear the consequences of another shutdown,” Preston stated.

Jones says those consequences would come next year.

“It will create headaches for them and perhaps cost them some Senate seats in November of 2014,” Jones explained.

Jones and Preston both agree that a last minute deal could be struck to avoid a possible shutdown.