The big complaint ever since President Obama took office from many Americans is that the Administration seems to be into every facet of your life. And that includes the ability to arms yourselves if you want to.

That's because agencies like the post office are buying ammunition. Dave Workman with the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms told KTRH this has people talking.

“A lot of people are surprised that the postal service even has an armed police force,” Workman said.

The post office isn't the only agency doing this. Over the past year agencies like the Department of Agriculture and the Social Security Administration did the same thing. And Workman says they do it for the same reasons the postal service is doing it.

"Most federal agencies do have armed personnel,” Workman explained, adding that we should be asking why these agencies have their own police.

Jeremy Alcede of tactical Firearms says the whole thing is eating into his business.

“It’s impossible to find ammo. You can find them in small quantities. We’re getting one-fourth of what we ordered two years ago,” Alcede said.

You can count Alcede as one of those who believes the government has an ulterior motive.

“It’s gun control in reverse. If they can’t control the guns they will control the ammo,” Alcede stated.

And Alcede is taking steps to stay ahead of the game, and the government. He's already placing orders for 2019. And he says he's working on opening his own ammunition manufacturing plant.