If you have ever used Google Maps to get around the Houston area, you know the app is useful, but its times aren’t always accurate. Google is trying to do something about that, but some think that this would help ‘Big Brother’ more than it would help you.

Google acquired Skybox, a satellite company that can shoot HD video from space. Rice University's Chris Bronk says this will help Google give you traffic in real time.

“We like getting traffic advisories. We like to know if the roads are clear. We want things to be up to date. It’s a move in that direction,” Bronk told KTRH News.

Cyber security expert Bill Morgan agrees it'll help you get around, but he has concerns.

“If you have the capability to record all this stuff in HD and archive it, there are just a great number of things that can be done with connecting it to other systems like surveillance cameras on the ground,” Morgan explained.

“As long as everything is time synched, you’ve got some major Big Brother activities happening. You don’t have to rely on drones. You just have the ‘eyes in the sky’ that are always on,” Morgan said.

In other words, the tech is so good, that these Skybox cameras can make out minute details of your house, all the way from space. Morgan and Bronk say this could all be ready to go in less than two years.