If you haven't gotten a raise recently maybe you're in the wrong line of work. The federal Labor Department says wages are increasing in some sectors, especially construction.

Maurice Werner is president of Houston's Greater Business Association.  He says it's no surprise to him wages are rising for construction workers.

"There's a lot of new housing construction; there's a lot of office buildings. I live very near to the Woodlands and with Exxon moving in that's just been absolutely crazy there as far as building goes."

"I mean it's crazy at my end of town. Certain parts of Houston are not doing well but the north end; I can't say enough, it's crazy."

The feds say the leisure and hospitality sector is also doing better. However, the typical pay increase nationwide is only 2%, which is barely enough to keep up with inflation. Analysts say pay increases are expected to continue through the second half of this year.