The good news is car sales are up -- and that's good for the economy. The bad news is, you may not be able to find what you want on the car lot.

KTRH Car Pro Show host Jerry Reynolds says truck sales are always hot in Texas. But SUVs are big here, too.

"We're seeing luxury SUVs that are hot, hot, hot right now; the new entries from General Motors; the Escalade, the Yukon and even the Suburban."

But Reynolds says in some cases it's hard to keep vehicles in stock. He says one lessen car makers learned in the auto industry bailout was to not overproduce -- so they're not -- and that's led to some shortages.

"They were building cars as fast as they could and frankly, building them much faster than they could sell 'em. And that's not a good deal; so we had an over capacity situation. They've all vowed not to do that and it looks like everybody's stickin' to it."

Japanese automaker Subaru says all of its models are hot sellers right now and there's a shortage.