With this year’s hurricane season almost a month old, President Obama continues to claim that storms will only get stronger because of global warming. But the science may be telling a different story.


James Taylor at the Heartland Institute told KTRH the facts don't support what the President has been telling you.


“As our planet continues its modest warming we actually see hurricanes becoming less frequent and less severe,” Taylor said.


So Taylor doesn’t buy claims that warming is connected to hurricane strength at all.


“We’re not going to see an intensification of hurricanes, especially those that affect the United States,” Taylor stated.


And then there's the ongoing question about how real climate change is, especially with scientists at NASA and NOAA recently being caught manipulating temperature to overstate global warming.


“The folks overseeing the records are activists. They already have a dog in the fight,” Taylor explained. “The more this so-called crisis appears to exist the more money flows into their agencies.”


Taylor says that while there have been some strong storms in the last few years, with the exception of Sandy, they seem to stay away from hitting land at all.