Lawmakers have gathered in Austin as another special session of the legislature kicks off today. Insiders expect things to be different for a key piece of legislation.

That legislation would be the abortion law that failed last week as State Senator Wendy Davis stopped it cold with an 11 hour long filibuster. Harvey Kronberg of the Quorum Report tells KTRH the chances of that happening again aren't good.

“The reason Wendy Davis was able to filibuster in the first place was that Governor Perry put abortion on the call of the last special session about halfway through, and the House had adjourned for a week,” Kronberg explained.

Kronberg says the earlier lawmakers get to the issue this time around, the better shot it has of going through.

“It was terrible timing last timing. This time it’s all but inevitable that it will pass,” Kronberg said.

Elizabeth Graham of Texas Right to Life said Davis and her camp won't have the opportunity to stop the bill again.

“We anticipate the bill will pass quickly. We will not see the delays that we have seen in the past,” Graham stated. “Legislators are very eager to teach the abortion advocates some manners. They’ll come in and look to see how quickly they can move on this. They’ll set up a plan for either later this week or early next week,” Graham explained.