If you think you’re already spending a lot of money to fill up your tank, just wait. The experts say higher gas prices are coming to a station near you.

But before you get too worked up about it, David Holt at the Consumer Energy Alliance says the price for a gallon of gas goes up every year right around this time.

“The Federal government requires cleaner burning gas and diesel standards for summertime driving. That takes more refining and it’s a more expensive process,” Holt told KTRH.

California is already seeing prices above four dollars a gallon. So when can we expect the prices to go up around Houston?

“Later this month and through the month of May,” Holt said.

And that will coincide with the start of the spring and summer driving season. But oil could wind up dropping to about 50 dollars a gallon according to some experts. So why is gas going up?

“Other things go into it like regulatory requirements, state taxes and transportation distribution costs go into it,” Holt explained.

And then there’s the global political climate, like what has been going on between Russia and Ukraine.

“It’s hard to predict where crude oil will go because of geo-political issues,” Holt stated.

If you're filling up today, the average around Houston and Galveston is about $3.41 a gallon. That is up about three cents from last week, but down about 15 cents from last year at this time.