If you are part of ‘Generation X’ your retirement is apparently not as secure as you think it is.

A new study from The Pew Charitable Trusts says Gen-X'ers only have enough to replace half of their pre retirement income. Financial planner Richard Rosso explains why Gen X is in trouble.

“We are in a nation that is addicted to credit. Gen-X is feeling the effects as well. It’s all the need for immediate gratification,” Rosso told KTRH.

But Rosso says there is time and a way for Gen X'ers to get on track financially.

“They have to have some form of savings habit electronically. Gen-X loves their electronics,” Rosso stated. “Set something up electronically where they are able to pay themselves first to have money automatically filtered into a savings account.”

And what about those that are depending on inheritance for retirement income? Rosso says they shouldn’t be counting on it.

“Baby Boomers are not going to leave the inheritance to their kids than they think. They suffered tremendously through the last recession that we had,” Rosso explained.

Planners say you need 70% of your pre-retirement income to retire comfortably. The new study suggests Gen X'ers will only save 50% of their income.