The Texas Supreme Court will hear arguments Tuesday in divorce cases involving a pair of same sex couples -- including two lesbians who were initially granted a divorce and two gay men who were denied one.

Houston attorney Debra Hunt says those who think this shouldn't be an issue in Texas should think again.

“The marriage doesn't count in Texas so why bother?” Hunt asks.  “But it does have a huge impact at the federal level, and I think its reasonable and expected at this point that like or not, Texas will be required to accept same sex marriages coming out of other jurisdictions.”

That's because the U.S. Supreme Court this year struck down the Defense of Marriage Act which denied gay couples federal benefits.

“Such as 401ks or IRAs, and it certainly impacts them on their federal income taxes,” Hunt tells KTRH News.

Hunt acknowledges a ruling in favor of gay divorces may not come this time around due to the current political climate, but she still believes it is not as far away as some conservatives hope.