The end of the summer driving season means the price at the pump is headed down for Texas drivers.  It’s down a nickel in the last week in Houston, and the same story for the rest of the state of Texas. 

Doug Shupe is senior public affairs specialist for Triple-A-Texas.

He says, “In the Houston area, drivers are now paying 3-42 for a gallon of regular unleaded. That price, just like the statewide average, is down a nickel from one week ago.”

The average price statewide is 3 dollars, 41 cents a gallon for regular unleaded. 

“We're heading closer and closer toward the end of summer,” he explains, “so the demand for fuel is down a bit, as folks transition from taking those road trips to prepping the kids to go back to school.”

Drivers have to dig deeper in Galveston where the price is the highest in the Lone Star State at 3-44.  The cheapest gas is in Amarillo, when it costs 3-34 a gallon.