Suspended Galveston Judge Christopher Dupuy appears in Austin today for a hearing before the Commission on Judicial Conduct.  It’s been a long week for Dupuy.

Wednesday Dupuy was indicted by a grand jury again and was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of abusing his office.  He was released on $1,500 bail. This week’s indictment centered on his alleged legal advice offered to a former girlfriend.  Three weeks earlier he had been indicted on two felony and six misdemeanor criminal counts.

Friendswood attorney Greg Hughes, who is barred from discussing Dupuy’s hearing for removal, says he believes Dupuy is involved in up to eight civil cases.  Hughes and two other attorneys filed with the Attorney General’s office to have the judge removed from the bench.

According to Dupuy’s attorney George Parnham, “Apparently the hearing on the removal [from office] will be determined Tuesday of next week.” 

A hearing scheduled for Thursday of this week was postponed until next Thursday and the judge has instituted a gag order on all participants.

“I think the turmoil that has been swirling in Galveston basically was a result of what I consider to be a righteous effort on the part of Judge Dupuy to eliminate the abilities of the associate judges of the domestic courts appearing as litigants in front of the domestic relations judge,” Parnham told KTRH.  “Basically the ethics committee ruled that Dupuy was correct and basically did away with associate justices being allowed to practice law in front of law in front of judges who represent clients.”