Three attorneys from Galveston County have filed a 50-page petition on behalf of the Texas Attorney General’s office, trying to have District Court Judge Christopher Dupuy removed from the bench. 

A grand jury indicted Dupuy on at least six charges, including two felonies, leading to his arrest.  Dupuy is accused of threatening attorneys and using his position to help his fiancé. 

Friendswood attorney Greg Hughes says the judge favors his friends in court and punishes those who oppose him.

“Once attorneys started seeing the (judge’s) pattern and publicizing some of the things he was doing,” Hughes says, “then he started going after the attorneys themselves.”

Hughes and two other attorneys wrote the petition.  Dupuy is to make a court appearance next month. 

The judge’s attorney, George Parnham, says this is more personal than it is professional.

If people could see the e-mails, texts and Facebook postings about the judge, Parnham says, “They would quickly understand that this was simply a matter generated by personal dislike.”

He says this client is being targeted. 

“It’s orchestrated,” Parnham says, “by a segment of the legal community and his (Dupuy’s) wife – to take him down.”

There is a hearing today in family court over the hotly-contested custody case between Dupuy and his ex-wife.