The Texas State Fair runs September 27 through October 20.  Can fabulous fried foods be far from now?

2012 brought us Fried Bacon Cinnamon Rolls and Deep Fried Jambalaya.

The eight finalists for the 9th annual Big Tex Choice Awards have been announced and include:

Awesome Deep Fried Nutella -  which sounds intriguing.  Nutella is whipped with cream cheese, wrapped in phyllo dough, and deep fried, than drizzled with honey and shaved almonds.

Fried Thanksgiving Dinner – the invention of Justin Martinez, who won the 2011 “Most Creative” award for deep-friend bubble gum. 

“The Thanksgiving after I won,” Martinez told KTRH News, “I was sitting at the table with my family, and looking at all the items and wondering what I could fry.  Individually they didn’t sound too good, but collectively….it hit me.”

Deep Fried Cuban Roll – pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, pickles and secret sauce.

Golden Fried Millionaire Pie – Texas pecans and pineapple mixed with sweetened cream cheese, topped with whipped cream, toasted coconut and candied pecans.

Fernie’s Deep Fried King Ranch Casserole – melted cheese with salty, spicy with egg wash and panko crumbs, served with tortilla chips.

Texas Fried Fireball – hot peppers, pickles, bacon dipped in buttermilk, and a dose of jalapeno batter to boot.

Southern-Style Chicken-Fried Meatloaf – Meatloaf breaded like chicken-fried steak.

There will be a winner for “Most Creative” and another for “Best Tasting.”  The winners will be announced Monday.