A Fox News poll finds that most Americans think terrorist prisoners at Gitmo are getting better medical treatment than US military personnel returning from the battlefield by a 50-31 margin.  

58% of U.S. veterans agree, as do 57% of registered Republican voters and 58% of independents.

Dana Blanton is the Sr. Vice President of Public Opinion Research at Fox News said she began the poll with a general question asking people how they would rate the health care that U.S. veterans were receiving.  

“What we found is that most people rate it negatively,” Blanton tells KTRH News.  “They think it’s either Fair or Poor.”

The poll found that most voters were happy that former VA head Gen. Eric Shinseki resigned.

“We asked people if Shinseki should have resigned or should have stayed,” Blanton said, adding that the poll was taken immediately following news of his forced resignation.  “52% said he should have resigned, but just over a third thought he should have been encouraged to stay.”

Six in ten voters disapprove of how President Obama is handling the VA scandal.

“We listed a few of the things that are facing the administration right now, and we said, ‘Which one of these concerns you the MOST’.  The VA scandal came out on top with a third of the voters,” says Blanton.  The NSA scandal was second at 27%, followed by Benghazi at 15% and the IRS targeting of conservative groups last at 13%.

“This is a big issue for people,” Blanton says.