Retired  Oilers' defensive back Steve Jackson plans to teach women about football by relating the game to everyday life.


Jackson, who played for the Oilers/Tennessee Titans between 1991-99,is launching his  foundation here in the Bayou City.  Part of it's goal is to teach women the ins and outs of football in hopes of benefiting their relationships with their son, husband or boyfriend.


“Being the quarterback of the team is similar to being the mother in a household,” Jackson tells KTRH News.  “You've got to direct all the traffic, you've got make sure the right plays are called, you're responsible for the success of the household.”

“These positions, these plays, these things that happen within an organization are transferred into everything in life,” he says.  “If you can raise a family, you can be the coach of a football team.”

Meanwhile, the foundation's Project 24, named after Jackson's playing number, also will serve as a mentoring program for local students.

“Some of the same things they learn playing football, they'll learn how they transfer into relationships and business,” says Jackson.