No decision yet whether the government will use a vacant school in northeast Houston to house immigrant children captured along the border.

Houston ISD spokesperson Sheleah Reed says federal officials only toured the former Terrell Middle School Tuesday.

“They were looking at the facility's condition, the sizes of the classrooms and the spaces,” Reed tells KTRH News.  “It is a middle school, so they looked at the auditorium, gymnasium and cafeteria, but there was very little discussion about how and what it would be used for.”

Reed says trustees declared the school a surplus property several years ago, granting HISD administrators the power to sell or lease the property.

“Right now it is very preliminary.  This is again an agency or organization that has said we're interested in looking at your facility,” she says.  “We were there to open the doors and say hey this is what we have available.”

Nearby residents however, have raised concerns about safety and whether the children may be able to escape into their neighborhood.

“They have a right to their opinions, but we don't get to decide,” says Reed.  “If the federal government decides to use it, that's a decision that's up to them.”

As of Tuesday, HISD was the only local school district the government had contacted about possible sites.