Let's not jinx it, but what was expected to be a very active Atlantic hurricane season has so far been one of the quietest on record. However, forecasters say it's still possible to get a hurricane in October.

Jason Luze is a forecaster at Houston's Weather Research Center.

"In order to develop a tropical system you need things to line up right higher up in the atmosphere and there's been a lot of dry air disrupting that. So, we haven't seen a lot of hurricanes develop."

But Luze says we can't celebrate just yet. He points to deadly Hurricane Jerry in 1989. It hit in mid-October and did some damage to Galveston Island.

Tropical Storm Karen forms in the Gulf of Mexico

"We have had (in October), actually, tropical systems move into the Gulf of Mexico and I think maybe in 1989 Hurricane Jerry in the Houston area. So, it's still a possibility; hurricane season is far from over."