Airline passenger advocates will be on Capitol Hill over the next week, pushing lawmakers to fix what they believe has become a broken industry.

They're talking about everything from rude and intrusive TSA agents, shrinking leg room and fees on top of fees.

“There are some airlines that have as many as 74 'optional' fees as they call them, and it has changed the nature of air travel,” says Paul Hudson, president of

“There have been approximately 40,000 complaints a year filed with the TSA, the most prominent being for rude treatment,” he tells KTRH News.

Texas Congressman Blake Farenthold sits on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, he agrees airline fees have gotten out of hand.

“If the industry doesn't act, they're just inviting regulators to step in,” says the Corpus Christi Republican.

As for the TSA, Farenthold believes agents should engage more in conversation, and use more bomb sniffing dogs instead of intrusive body scanners.

“People are much more comfortable around dogs than they are electronic devices,” he says.  “We've had great success in other areas of government using K9s to detect explosives.”