A Dallas group that began last year has expanded and is now coming Houston to place flags on veteran's graves for Memorial Day.

Flags for Fallen Vets was created by Bob Fussner who is a former marine.  Last year his group along with over a thousand volunteers place over 26,000 flags at DFW National Cemetery in Dallas.  Fussner says most people think that this is done by the VA, "The VA is not chartered for this, they're not funded for this, and they don't have the man-power for this."

This year, Fussner says the tremendous support has allowed them to expand to Houston, "Houston used to do this, but it stopped in 1999, so we are doing it."  So far over 2,400 people have signed up to place the 65,000 flags needed at Houston National Cemetery.

Fussner says he hopes they can eventually expand to cover all five national cemeteries in Texas that currently don't have any flags placed on the graves of veterans on Memorial Day.  

Flags for Fallen Vets is a non-profit that purchases the flags and organizes the volunteers on donations.  If you would like to help by donating or would like to sign up to volunteer visit this website.