A Montgomery County teenager is killed on a four-wheeler while running from police.   



Authorities say 17-year old Samuel Acreman led them through the Cape Conroe subdivision at speeds of up to 60-mph.  The chase ended when Acreman ran off the road on a curve, crossed a driveway, and leveled a brick wall.  Emergency responders were unable to save him.



Four others were killed in an overnight crash in Pasadena.  An unidentified person driving a black Miata convertible with a passenger lost control at around 1:30am on the Nassau Parkway and slammed head-on into taxi cab with a driver and four passengers. 



Two people in the Miata and two passengers in the taxi were killed.  None was wearing a seatbelt.  The taxi driver and two other passengers – all of whom were wearing seatbelts – survived the crash.  They were taken to Memorial Hermann for treatment.



The passengers in the taxi were from out-of-town, three from Dallas and one from California, and were staying in a hotel overnight preparing to depart from Galveston on a cruise liner today.