According to Forbes Magazine, there are five habits that highly successful people accomplish first thing in the morning, generally before 8 a.m.  Perhaps integrating them into your morning routine could be beneficial.

  1. Exercise: the great thing about exercise is that you get to define what works for you.  Yoga, a mile run, push-ups, crunches.  Whatever you are doing improves blood flow.
  2. Map out Your Day: Be the man, or woman, with a plan.  Going to have a stressful meeting after lunch?  Plan a half hour break after the meeting for a walk around the block to de-stress.  Anticipate your day and you’re more likely to be proactive than reactive.
  3. Eat a Healthy Breakfast: Highly successful KTRH radio host Michael Berry is in an ideal situation.  “I have a sweetheart wife who is like a 1950’s wife.  She gets up every morning, even though she is a professional, and she makes a whole breakfast for the entire family because it is her belief that a complete breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”  Perhaps you are not so fortunate, but circumstances do not lessen the importance or value of the meal.
  4. Visualization: Spend quiet time inside your mind.  “I read a book several years ago about creating good habits,” Michael Berry says. “And so one of the habits I began forming consciously was – from the moment I wake up, for 30 minutes, I read, I study, and I do nothing but positive things.  It just puts me in a better mind. It’s my peaceful time by myself to think, and to ponder and to consider.  Every day in our family we set a goal and a wish, and that’s the way that I think about the positive things that are going to happen to me.”
  5. Make Your Day Top Heavy: Jump into your day with both feet and tackle the day’s biggest challenges first.  Don’t procrastinate.  Your mind will not be fresher, your body more agile, and your attitude more positive than at any other time of the day.

And while there is no guarantee that following this regimen will make your life a success, it is not likely to be the cause of failure.