When David Jack, a nutrition expert and contributor to Men’s Health Magazine outlined his list of 5 foods you should never eat, KTRH News decided to get an expert opinion from a Houston nutritionist.  Kristi King is a clinical dietician at Texas Children’s Hospital and Clinical Instructor at Baylor College of Medicine and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietics.  She offered the following comments on Five Foods You Should Never Eat.

“Strawberries tend to be one of the fruits that have higher amounts of pesticides found in them.  So a lot of times people will say to avoid strawberries or to buy organic, and if you have the money to buy organic I definitely encourage that.  However if you do love strawberries and want to eat them just make sure you wash them thoroughly and get all the pesticides off, dry them thoroughly, and they should be a little bit safer for consumption.

“White chocolate sounds like a good thing because we’re eating chocolate, which we know is full of anti-oxidants,  however the white chocolate is actually just the butter part of the chocolate making process, so all of the flavinols and anti-oxidants are removed from the white chocolate.  So during the chocolate making process all those good nutrients are being stripped from it and leave us with a real buttery smooth taste but unfortunately many of the nutrients are gone out of it.  So if we’re going to eat chocolate let’s stick to the dark chocolate, we want to look for 70% K-Cal in dark chocolate and that’s when you know you’re getting the good stuff. 

Alfalfa sprouts tend to sold in health food stores, and in healthy sandwiches.  It’s a great product however it does require a warm place to grow, and when you have foods that require warm environments they’re going to be more at risk for food-borne illnesses and contaminating other foods that they touch. Alfalfa sprouts are not as easy to wash as other fruits and vegetables, so if you are at high risk, as someone with auto-immune deficiencies, young children, older adults, senior citizens, I say avoid the alfalfa sprouts use cucumber, zucchini, carrots, or grated cabbage or squash to add to your crunch to your salads or sandwiches.

Tomatoes are a great source of nutrients.  They’re full high in lycopene, it’s a great anti-oxidant.  However when we put tomatoes in a can we’re just starting to realize that a lot of the acid from the tomatoes are causing the lining put in the can as a preservative to leech into the food. So if you can buy tomatoes in something like a jar, that will be a little healthier for you, put you at less risk and tends to be more natural.”

Swordfish is one of the fish that contains the highest level of mercury.  Eating swordfish, especially if you have a medical condition that causes you to be susceptible; we want to make you avoid that.    Aiming more for fish that are found in the wild – salmon, Pacific tune, may have some mercury but it’s not going to be as much as in swordfish.