A private charity steps up to keep a promise the federal government broke to veterans and their families.

The Fisher House Foundation has agreed to pay death benefits to families of fallen soldiers after it was learned the government shutdown would prevent the payments from being made.

“They have given a loved one, they have already paid the price and they should not be bearing the burden and financial challenges that come with the trauma of losing a loved one,” the foundation's president David Coker told host Matt Patrick on KPRC 950 Wednesday.

The Republican-led House voted to restore those benefits, but it was unclear if Senate Democrats would do the same.

Meantime, the Department of Defense says it reimburse the foundation any costs it incurs.

“We've set up an emergency assistant fund, and put $4 million in that fund,” says Coker.  “We're working with DOD to make sure we get the debt gratuities to the families to whom they are due.”

The Fisher House Foundation also is accepting donations from anyone wishing to assist these military families.