Houston firefighters face possible layoffs or shift reductions now that rank and file members rejected a proposed contract agreement reached between the mayor's office and union leaders last week.

“We're not a fan of that, we're not advocating that, but the decision may not be ours,” says Local 341 president Bryan Sky-Eagle.

More than 90-percent of Houston's nearly 3,000 rank and file firefighters this week rejected changes to holidays and vacations for a four percent across-the-board pay hike.

“The restrictions on guaranteed holidays, vacation days and time with the family was just too high,” Sky-Eagle tells KTRH News.  “And the idea that firefighters would be paying their own raise through overtime savings is just unacceptable.”

Houston's fire chief has suggested reducing shifts from four to three to avoid so-called "brown outs" while the two sides work on another deal.

“We'll raise the alarm with the public, and take steps internally to adjust to it,” said Mayor Annise Parker.