Members of the Houston Professional Firefighters Association will be asked to approve an interim contract. 

If okayed, the deal would go before the Houston City Council a week from Wednesday.  It makes some changes to attack the 8.5 million dollar shortfall in overtime pay projected by the end of the current fiscal year.  Union President Bryan Sky-Eagle says both sides made compromises.

He’s working now on the wording of the document membership will vote to approve or reject.

“I want to get a format in place that we can put into a vote sometime later this week,” Sky-Eagle says, “in anticipation of getting it before council as fast as we can.”

He says the main consideration is keeping Houstonians safe.

“At the end of the day, firemen know that public safety far outvalues any timing of benefits,” he says.  “And, I just want to say that firemen have done nothing wrong.”

The city has agreed to keep all fire trucks in service if the line is held on unscheduled absences.  The deal includes a two percent raise for union members.