The Drug Enforcement Administration is cracking down on synthetic drugs with a nationwide sweep in roughly two-dozen states Wednesday. 

"We're targeting manufacturers, distributors and retailers of over 250 synthetic drugs that are being abused every day," says Tim Davis with the DEA Dallas Field Division. 

"We're also targeting importers such as plant material, packaging that are facilitating this abuse and trafficking," he says.

Just this week, the drug known as "K2" was blamed for 120 overdoses in Austin and Dallas, which police believe were linked to the same Dallas supplier.

"Because they're not regulated, you honestly have no idea what you're putting into your body," Davis tells KTRH News.  "They're very dangerous to both teens and young adults."

Authorities believe a vast majority of synthetic drugs such "Molly" or "Spice" come from China.

"Also Europe, Asia, Central and South America where they're making the incense or potpourri, we're looking at it as wide as we can," says Davis.

Federal officials are concerned that substantial profits from synthetic drugs are being funneled to terror cells in the Middle East and Africa.